During the OHG Schwarzbunt-Tage last weekend was a progeny group presented from Calvin. This Veelhorst DG CASINO son is a daughter proven sire with still +149 RZG, +114 RZGesund, +115 RZE and was for many years one of the most used sires at OHG. The daughters of Calvin are medium sized cows with super Feet& Legs and Mammary systems with a correct teat placement and udder balance. His dad, Veelhorst DG Casino is the former #1 RZG bull in the breed, has a Bookem-free pedigree, sired by DG Charley from a Mardi Gras x Planet x Snowman (Broeks Betty), he has a huge production index, high fitness traits, milkability and an excellent udder health.

Photo credits: OHG, Wolfhard Schulze ©

Progenygroup Calvin @ OHG Schwartzbunt-Tage

Veelhorst DG Casino x Madison VG-88-DE La3. (s. Finder) x Madonna GP-DE La2. (s. Missouri)

  • One of the most used bulls at OHG-Genetik (DE)
  • Daughter proven sire at +149 RZG, +1671kgM / +0.10% Fat and +115 RZE (12/23)

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