DG is currently expanding its breeding program and is looking for new partner companies. If you would like to add high quality genetics to your herd, please call or email us. The basis of the agreement is that you receive the embryos for free and that DG retains the exclusive right to purchase the offspring of these embryos. Animals that DG does not want to buy back can remain on your farm and will help you build a profitable group of cows that produce a lot of milk at a lower cost. On average, about 20% of the calves born (bulls and heifers) are bought back by DG. It is necessary that you keep good records and that protocols are in place. Even if the genetics are free, it should be treated according to the value it has.

Contact details for a Diamond Genetics partner agreement:

Jan de Vries
Tel: +31 (6) 26250502

Pieter Pasterkamp
Tel: +31 (6) 21462552